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Donation Schemes


Our core values discourage commercial activity of any kind in spirituality and true to this spirit the pyramid spiritual trust-Hyderabad project will be completed and run only with generous donations from Mediators, Pyramid Masters, Spiritual Seekers, Philanthropists and Corporate Houses across the world. Donation request for the specific project will be closed once the required fund is received.


Dining Hall Donation:

It is proposed to construct dining facilities for mediators and visitors who will visit every day.

Donation in multiples of Rs. 25,000/-


Annadhanam Scheme:

This scheme is aimed at free distribution of Annaprasadams everyday at the Maheshwara Pyramid. Annadhanam will be performed in the name of the Donor on the specific chosen date. Donations are also accepted in memory of loved ones. A special meditation will be performed in the pyramid in the name of Donor.

Donation for this scheme is Rs. 25,000/- for Annadhanam per day


Tree Donation Scheme:

Donating a tree can give you the opportunity to create a long lasting tribute to a special occasion, such as a wedding or birth of a new family member. The donation will be exclusively used to beautify the Maheshwara Pyramid surroundings with beautiful landscaping and gardens. Donor will be issued a certificate as keep sake of the contribution.

Donation for this scheme is Rs. 5,000/- per Tree


Guest Rooms Donation Scheme:

It is proposed to construct 50 fully furnished suite rooms in Pyramid Woods Retreat. Donor can stay with his family for 7 days in a calendar year for a life time

Donation for each suite room is Rs. 25,000/-


Dormitory Donation Scheme:

It is proposed to construct two big Dormitory Halls separate for Gents and Ladies with complete facilities.

Donors can donate in multiples of Rs. 25,000/-


General Benefits to Donors

  • Donations are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act.
  • Meditation will be performed everyday for the well being of the Donors and their Families.
  • Donor can stay free with family for a minimum period of 3 days in a calendar year. Subject to conditions.
  • Donor and family will be given special privilege pass to meditate in Kings Chamber.

In appreciation of the donation the Donor Name shall be preserved in the King Chamber and remembered for eternity. Their names shall be specially beamed on the Pyramid and historically remembered on every Maha Sivarathri Day

Donation is payable by Crossed Cheque or DD in the name of ‘The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (Hyderabad)’ and / or directly deposited in the following Bank Accounts

The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (Hyderabad)

HDFC Bank a/c No

: 00212320007387

Andhra Bank a/c No

: 140311100000539

State Bank of Hyderabad a/c No 

: 62026365348


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