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About Maheshwara Pyramid
Maheshwara PyramidMaheshwara Pyramid was constructed as a part of a unique cosmic design. It is ordained by the astral masters to take care of the changes that the Earth planet went through in 2012 and thereafter. It will connect to the pyramid energy grid of our Earth and the cosmic energy grid of the Solar System.

Dimensions - 180' x 180' (32,400 sft) & Height - 113.60'. Compares at 1/20th the size of the famous Giza Pyramid Perfectly aligned to True North. Built primarily with Granite, Steel and Lime stone. 5000 people can Meditate at a time inside this Pyramid.

Maheshwara Pyramid is the world's largest Meditational Pyramid. It will very naturally energize and heal the people meditating inside it and also the surroundings far and wide.


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