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Dhyana Mahachakram - 3

Maheshwara Maha Pyramid, Kadthal, AndhraPradesh, 21-12-2012 - 31-12-2012

“Dhyana Mahachakram - 3, Prapancha Dhyana Mahasabhalu” is 11-day Mega Event celebrated at Maheshwara Maha Pyramid, Kadtal, Andhrapradesh, in the presence of 'Brahmarshi Patriji' from 21-12-2012 to 31-12-2012.
22-12-2012 : Morning Message
We are all Star Beings, came from different Star Systems

23-12-2012 : Morning Message
I am not the body, I am That - 'Tatvamasi'

24-12-2012 : Morning Messages
Egyptian Pyramid is built to bring down the energy from Star Systems

25-12-2012 : Morning Message
"Jesus Christ said There are many mansions in my Fathers kingdom"

26-12-2012 : Morning Message
"Every Pyramid Master is full of Moksha"

27-12-2012 : Morning Message
" 'Spirituality' is finding truth, living in truth and teaching truth"

28-12-2012 : Morning Message
"You have to let yourself grow with your own efforts, nobody helps you"

29-12-2012 : Morning Message
Two sides of life Being with others(Samsar), Being with Ourselves(Nirvan)

30-12-2012 : Morning Message
"Go from Parama-Himsa to Parama-Hamsa by doing Meditation"

31-12-2012 : Morning Message
"Our work is to make everyone as Vegetarian and Meditator"


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